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The wonders of Asia can be fully appreciated by taking an Asian cruise. Come and experience the treasures of Asia, golden memories that last a lifetime, and the chance to see an evocative part of the world that is priceless. The great metropolises of Hong Kong, Singapore, Tokyo, Beijing and Manila - each offering their own contrasts of the traditional and the modern. Asia is filled with magical lands where red-robed monks ring temple bells in Da Nang and bustling Ho Chi Minh City dazzles the senses with an amazing array of sights, sounds and aromas. Explore unforgettable places where the air is scented with incense and you'll be warmly greeted in a dozen tongues. Come experience the beauty of Asia on an incredible cruise vacation.

Visiting Asia without taking an Asian cruise is missing an important part of the experience. For Asia cruise discounts use our Online Search which contains hundreds of Asian cruise deals.